The CarnegieForever.org web site was born on December 18, 2009 after we learned Carnegie SVRA near Tracy, California was scheduled to close down on December 29 because of a faulty water management study. It then stored a petition and citizen registrations to help inform the public about this closure. The growing list of thousands of public users made a stand to keep this resource open. We found out from this experience that public facilities that has over 150,000 annual attendees can be affected by a few individuals with no expertise in water management.

Our group is made up of dedicated Off Highway vehicle riders and others who have used the park for over 50 years, and see ourselves as stewards of the park dedicated to preserving it for present and future generations. It is “We the People” who have to take the lead role in sustainable use of the park and protect it from over-use, misuse and prevent it from falling victim to political and natural forces. Our expertise and experience must be added to the equation that protects our park

Our site exists as a public service to provide the following:

  • Updates on the latest legal rulings
  • Information about scheduled events and to rally forces if necessary
  • Links to our professional OHV leadership organizations and other links of interest
  • A forum to submit suggestions
  • To solicit resources from the public dedicated to preserving Carnegie SVRA


Finally and most important of all, we will re-start the process to get the 4000 Acre “Alameda Property” west of the current park open. This acquisition land has been sitting dormant for 10 years.

Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions to help preserve Carnegie for future generations.

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