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Trees Planted, SB249, Oasis Van

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         Putting Down Roots at Carnegie SVRA on Saturday March 4, 2017

After weeks of torrential rains, the sun finally came out and greeted over 100 volunteers from the OHV community who responded to a call from Superintendent Randy Caldera to help plant 600 trees in the canyon creek bed. Reps from AMA D.36, Carnegie Forever, CORVA, Red Neck Roosters, among others worked with park staff getting the saplings in the ground. Many young helpers now will be able to see these trees grow as they themselves do. Dave Pickett, our AMA Legal Affairs Officer, put trees in while AMA D36 President Jerry Fouts grilled hot dogs to fuel the workers.

               Plan in Sacramento to Destroy the OHV Program in CA

While the new trees started growing at Carnegie, a new plan is growing in the CA Legislature to stunt the OHV Division and its Commission. Dave Pickett our Legal Affairs Officer at AMA D36, dropped news of a legislative bomb ready to go off. A document, labeled Senate Bill 249, is being advanced in Sacramento that will lead to the destruction of our SVRA park system.

It was prompted, among other things, by the recent CA OHV Commission’s unanimous approval of the Carnegie/Tesla Expansion Project and new Master Plan. This vote by the Commission is a call to action for the opposition to make this type of approval process virtually impossible in the future.

Stipulations in SB 249 include:

  1. Having only 2 “OHV friendly” commissioners of the 9-member board
  2. Transferring funds generated by OHV Trust Fund into the General fund
  3. There would be no requirement to repay these transfers
  4. Establish a “science team” to advise the OHV Division
  5. Prohibit expansions until the plans are approved by the “science team”

This bill will be the most serious assault on our time tested, user paid, $20B generating California OHV “Gold Standard”.

Start the letter/email campaign to:

Senator Bob Hertzberg, Chairman, Natural Resources/Water Committee

State Capitol, Room 4038  – Sacramento, CA 95814


             A Request From a 47 Year-Old Non-Profit Called Oasis for Kids, Inc.

This organization needs a new van since the one in use is at 300K miles and needs a lot of maintenance. Here is a photo of the original kids at the Carnegie Cycle Park in 1970 ten years before the land was purchased by the State. They had a chance to meet the reigning MX World Champ Roger DeCoster.

There is a Go Fund Me site established to help get a new van. Perhaps you, our supporters, can help personally and also by sending the funding page to friends. On the funding site, you will see a story and especially a video from “The Man” himself Roger DeCoster urging you to support the campaign. Here is the page, and be sure to click on “updates” for the video from Roger.

We will have updates on the SB-249 hearings and developments.

Thank you for your attention and help,

Dave Duffin, for Carnegie Forever Board Members Diana Tweedy, Pete Krunich and Mark Speed



Carnegie Forever Endorsement of John Roberts for EBRPD Director Seat for Ward 2

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If you are a voter in EBRPD’s Ward 2 of: Piedmont, parts of Oakland, or mid-Western Contra Costa including Orinda, Lafayette, Canyon, Moraga, Rheem Valley, Rossmoor or part of Walnut Creek, you have in your ballot a chance to vote for Mr. John Roberts to the opening Director seat at EBRPD.

It was not long ago on July 16, 2013, when the EBRPD held a board meeting to consider the matter of the Alameda/Tesla property purchased from the State of California by the CA OHV Division of State Parks.  This property, as many of you already know, is West of theCarnegieOHVParkand was purchased with off-highway funds in the 1990s and has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. The EBRPD, in that July 2013 meeting attended by many Carnegie supporters, heard from many groups on both sides of the issue. Yet the EBRPD has kept this property on its master plan and continues to mention it in its agenda. This despite the fact that on October 21 The Carnegie Expansion Master Plan got final approval inSacramento. It would not be a bit surprising if the same people that have kept this OHV property on EBRPD’s master plan, try to prevent it from going forward once again.

EBRPD is extremely restrictive of mountain bike access in our parks. In general, “personal conveyances” are allowed on tracks more than 8 feet wide only with few exceptions and not at all in some parks. This overly restrictive policy puts riders and others at risk and disregards the public’s interests.

The leading candidates for the EBRPD Director seat include endorsees of the current Board, such as a former park district supervisor as well as a former board committee member both with long histories of close ties to the management that has gotten us to this juncture. We can’t allow the same transgressions to be repeated in the future.

We can send a strong signal to the EBRPD by supporting John Roberts who is also running for the seat. He is a family man with a long career in financial governance and is a long time off roader. He frequentsEastBayparks on mountain bikes with his children and is passionate about increasing access to our parks. He is a lifetime member of AMA, the BRC, District 36, BTCEB, CORVA, and FOJMP.

You can learn more about him at and on Facebook at

If you are a Facebook user “share” his profile with friends, and write on his timeline so he can get the votes.

Finally, a voice for off-roaders!

RED ALERT-Livermore City Council Meeting on Mon 5/18

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The Preliminary General Plan and Draft Environmental Report (EIR) for our park’s expansion are on the agenda of the Livermore City Council. Let’s show up in big numbers and demand to be heard on behalf of our recreation rights.

Please attend this meeting and let your friends, especially those who live or work in Livermore, to attend also.

Livermore City Council Meeting

Monday May 18th, 2015 at 7:00 PM

3575 Pacific Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550

Come early to get seats-last City Council meeting was standing-room only.

If you can’t attend, send a message to your city officials listed here:

OK here we go. Finally the years of research, meetings, more research and more meetings are reaching a conclusion about the new Preliminary Carnegie Master Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report which when approved, will eventually open the gate to the additional 3,100 acres purchased in the 1990’s.  Please be aware that the people who tried to close Carnegie 4 years ago have NEVER given up and will be flooding State Park administrative offices with emails and opposition letters. We MUST outdo them. Here are the steps to finally getting this done.

If you can’t attend the meeting in person, below are some other things you can do.

  1. Send a support letter or email before June 29th to:

In a simple statement, document your approval for the plan.

Block implementation of any specific items that will take place over many years and have to get environmental approval after additional user input. We HAVE to get our foot in the door and see this project approved after waiting and supporting it for over 15 years.

  1. Be informed. Below are frequently asked questions and answers:

Our generation has a challenge to get this new recreation area open for future generations. It is our civic duty and when accomplished it will prove our mettle and make those who end up using the new park for years to come proud of our efforts.


We hope to have your support and we thank you for it.

Dave Duffin, Board Chairman

Carnegie Forever Inc.








Carnegie Forever Attended the AMA D36 Awards Banquet on January 31, 2014

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Carnegie Forever Attended the AMA D36 Awards Banquet on January 31, 2014

On Saturday evening January 31st a table with Carnegie’s Alameda Expansion support petitions, was set up outside the banquet hall at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Rocklin, CA. Jerry Fouts, D.36 President, gave us 4 tickets (admission + dinner) for some of the Oasis for Kids guys to attend and work. Paul Wolfson’s son, John, who was there for an award, also helped these 10 year olds sign up over 300 supporters from Northern California. These signed forms and others collected previously at MotoMart and at the Riders’ Appreciation Day, will be submitted to the CA OHV Commission and the Governor’s Office to help get the Alameda Expansion approved and opened for use.

Signing the petition is Eric Lueder, a CA OHV Commissioner, helped by Marius and Stephan.

Jones Hall at the Placer County Fairgrounds was filled with racers and families.

Jerry Fouts (Carnegie rider and D36 President) presented the top AMA award, the Jim Hutzler Service Award, to Jill Patterson for years of service to the AMA and the riders and racers ofNorthern California.

Motocross Legend and AMA Hall of Fame Member Bob “Hurricane” Hannah (blue shirt center) was the guest of honor and helped draw the winning ticket for the KTM 380 auctioned off by Dave Pickett (left of Hannah) the D36 Legal Affairs Officer to help fund his legislative projects.

The kid in the middle and the kid on the right had their trophies but the kid on the left did not. The kid in the middle tells his buddy “don’t worry, you can SHARE mine”. Now you all know why we have to expand Carnegie; it’s for them.

By: Dave Duffin, for Carnegie Board of Directors



RIP – CHUCK OLIVER – 1942 TO 2014

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On Christmas Day 2014 Chuck passed away after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind his daughter, Emily Oliver, and his spouse Diana Tweedy who is a Board Member of Carnegie Forever. Chuck and Diana both supported Carnegie and attended countless meetings over the past 4 years to improve and defend our park and prepare for the future. 

We are indebted to Chuck. Perhaps he can pull some strings for us up in Heaven where he surely resides.


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Let’s make an effort to show our appreciation to the hard working Carnegie Staff who provide security and improvements to our park.

When we show up, the crew at the gate greet us and the facilities have been cleaned and prepped in the early hours before we arrive. In the event of a need for medical attention we know a crew of Rangers will be on the scene in minutes with ability to treat injuries and if need be get an injured rider the proper care.

 Always take the time to give a wave to the Rangers and maintenance crews as they drive around the park taking care of the toilets, trash and roads. Introduce yourselves to them and give a handshake for a job well done.

The friendliness and cheerfulness of the staff has improved markedly over the past few years and it is much appreciated by users who almost LOST Carnegie 4 years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Carnegie Forever Board of Directors: Diana Tweedy, Mark Speed, Mark Martinez, Pete Krunich, Dave Duffin



Carnegie SVRA Rider Appreciation Day Sunday October 19 2014

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           Carnegie SVRA Rider Appreciation Day Sunday October 19, 2014

Carnegie was open to all attendees free of charge for the 3rd Annual event sponsored by the Carnegie SVRA Staff directed by Superintendant Randy Caldera. Over 30 displays from Cycle Dealers, tire companies, and all types of rider accessories for bikes and riding gear were on hand. Also attending were Carnegie Forever, Inc and AMA District 36 represented by Jerry Fouts, President. A ticket given at the entrance entitled attendees to win prizes donated by vendors.

Also attending were Bob Elliott (Chairman of the San Joachin County Board of Supervisors) his wife Debbie and their granddaughter. They were greeted by C4E member and KTM Team Rider, National Enduro, Enduro Cross and X Games Champ, Kacy Martinez who singed autographs for visitors to the C4E booth.

 Working the C4E (Carnegie Forever) booth were Pete Krunich, Ole and Sherry (pictured) Stortruen. These three (and many others) have given their time for over 10 years as members of our riders organization. 8 youngsters volunteered and helped take our petition to expand the park around the display area all day. We will bring the signed petitions (thank you D36) to the OHV Commission this Spring of 2015 to help get the new master plan certified and the opening of the new park on track.

Endangered Species at Carnegie

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Six reasons for the importance of Carnegie Forever – Trevon, Christian, Nolan, Taylor, Nick and Jake. Photo taken on January 1, 2011.

This is the era of the Endangered Species. We have been told to raise our awareness and consider the importance of life and its symbiotic relationships.

Sometimes portions of our world get neglected in this shift of consciousness. For instance the six young men in the photo above were able to enjoy a day in nature, fresh air, and bonding with new friends. Some of their peers were possibly hanging out at the mall,
involved with drugs, sitting in front of a gaming device or bored out of their minds. The lucky kids in the photo are members of a non profit group that takes them on riding adventures to Carnegie State Park.

The reason they are endangered is because some people, for their own reasons, would prefer that this type of recreation does not exist for anyone let along theses youngsters. Their bedrock issue is that this type of activity destroys the environment. In some ways
they could be correct, but then again everything humanity does, uses land for some activity. The space for a hospital, a school, or a highway uses the environment for beneficial reasons even though it technically destroys the soils and ecosystems under it.

Our little park of about 1000 acres provides a benefit for 180,000 people of all ages, especially the young men and women that get a chance to come to our park for a day of recreation. Their entire day is not spent riding around but also, meeting new friends,
helping take care of the vehicles and also doing projects with the park staff. The park is managed and groomed every week and areas that need renovation are taken out of the inventory. There is a reasonable balance between fun and resource management at Carnegie.

So here are two questions:

  1. Will the kids hanging at the mall or the kids in the above photo have the better memories of their childhood?
  2. Will our organization, Carnegie Forever, never cease making sure our park stays open and provides an environment for ALL endangered species, especially the HUMANS, to flourish and prosper?

Debbie Evans, SoCal, Featured in AMA Magazine

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Some of you will remember the guy in Bruce Brown’s On Any Sunday who did the seemingly endless wheelie. The camera panned him as he disappeared down the road and then focused on a perplexed onlooker shaking his head. That was her father doing the wheelie. Then on Any Sunday 2 she does the balancing act that made her famous. She rides her motorcycle to a stop, kills the engine and proceeds to do a head stand on the seat balancing the motorcycle the entire time. She then comes down from the headstand, starts the motorcycle and wheelies off.

I remember Debbie in the late seventies, when I first got involved in motorcycles. She and her husband, Lane Levitt, a National Trials Champion, would come up for some of our events in Northern California. They were both very friendly and not at all stuck up.

Debbie rode in the men’s expert class and had a reputation for being a fearless rider. At that time there was a woman’s class, but the sections were too easy and so I started out in the sportsman’s class. I certainly was no Debbie Evans, but being a serious rider, I wanted to challenge myself.

We both rode the same motorcycle, a Yamaha TY-175. It was light and maneuverable. That worked out well for Debbie because she finished 4th in the 175 class in the Scottish Six Day Trial, an awesome accomplishment.

Today she is a stunt rider in Hollywood. To learn more about this amazing woman go the AMA Magazine. Debbie Evans was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2003.

Northern CA Native This Year’s National Trials Champion

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Cody Webb who grew up in Watsonville, California wrapped up his first AMA, NATC National Trials Championship with one event remaining by winning round 9 at Donner Ski Ranch in Nevada. Although this represents Cody’s first national trails championship few doubt that it will be his last.

Cody has been riding motorcycles since he was about three or four years old. With his father Kip as his coach and minder he progressed quickly. Kip Web, a top trials rider in the 80’s and 90’s, was known as “The Animal” due to his aggressive riding style (before taking up trials he was a motocross racer). Kip imparted his technique and desire to his son and Cody’s career took off at an early age. Before graduating from high school he had already gone to Europe to compete against the world’s best riders.

In 2002 at 14 years old, Cody won the AMA High School National Trials Championship. In 2003 he earned the AMA Expert National Trials Championship in his rookie year. In 2007 and 2008 he won the AMA Indoor National Trials Championship. At this point in his career Cody has represented the United States at the Trials des Nations seven times.

In addition to trials, Cody competes in EnduroCross. This year he won 4th place at an AMA EnduroCross in Guthrie Oklahoma and qualified for every main event that he raced.

During the last four seasons Cody captured second place Pro in the AMA National Trials Competition. Finally this year he ascended to top dog in the national trials scene and became the first “native” Californian to win the national title since Bernie Schreiber did so in 1987. Bernie Schreiber went on to win the World Trails Championship in 1989. Is a world championship on Cody’s to do list?

At Donner Ski Ranch, Cody swept both days, beating the three-time National Trials Champion Patrick Smage by 26 points on Saturday and 38 points on Sunday. Coming from Northern California, Cody has plenty of experience with the huge granite walls at Donner.

Cody credited switching to a new team and a new bike (GasGas USA) for this season as the catalyst for his recent success.

See Dirtrider for more info.

On a more personal note; I have known Cody’s father Kip since the early 80’s through the late 90’s, during a time when my husband and I competed in local trials events. I remember Cody riding on the tank of Kip’s motorcycle before he was barely able to walk. I also recall an incident when Cody and his friends urged my grandson to ride his tricycle down a steep and scary hill. They were a year or two older than my foolhardy grandson and were riding BMX bikes. They didn’t realize the danger of riding a fixed wheel trike at a high rate of speed. Thank god we caught my grandson in the nick of time and stopped him before he followed the others in what for him would have been a wild ride. Who did he think he was – Travis Pastrana?

At any rate, Cody has graduated from riding his BMX bike down steep, scary hills and my grandson… well that is a story for another time.

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