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Carnegie Forever Endorsement of John Roberts for EBRPD Director Seat for Ward 2

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If you are a voter in EBRPD’s Ward 2 of: Piedmont, parts of Oakland, or mid-Western Contra Costa including Orinda, Lafayette, Canyon, Moraga, Rheem Valley, Rossmoor or part of Walnut Creek, you have in your ballot a chance to vote for Mr. John Roberts to the opening Director seat at EBRPD.

It was not long ago on July 16, 2013, when the EBRPD held a board meeting to consider the matter of the Alameda/Tesla property purchased from the State of California by the CA OHV Division of State Parks.  This property, as many of you already know, is West of theCarnegieOHVParkand was purchased with off-highway funds in the 1990s and has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. The EBRPD, in that July 2013 meeting attended by many Carnegie supporters, heard from many groups on both sides of the issue. Yet the EBRPD has kept this property on its master plan and continues to mention it in its agenda. This despite the fact that on October 21 The Carnegie Expansion Master Plan got final approval inSacramento. It would not be a bit surprising if the same people that have kept this OHV property on EBRPD’s master plan, try to prevent it from going forward once again.

EBRPD is extremely restrictive of mountain bike access in our parks. In general, “personal conveyances” are allowed on tracks more than 8 feet wide only with few exceptions and not at all in some parks. This overly restrictive policy puts riders and others at risk and disregards the public’s interests.

The leading candidates for the EBRPD Director seat include endorsees of the current Board, such as a former park district supervisor as well as a former board committee member both with long histories of close ties to the management that has gotten us to this juncture. We can’t allow the same transgressions to be repeated in the future.

We can send a strong signal to the EBRPD by supporting John Roberts who is also running for the seat. He is a family man with a long career in financial governance and is a long time off roader. He frequentsEastBayparks on mountain bikes with his children and is passionate about increasing access to our parks. He is a lifetime member of AMA, the BRC, District 36, BTCEB, CORVA, and FOJMP.

You can learn more about him at and on Facebook at

If you are a Facebook user “share” his profile with friends, and write on his timeline so he can get the votes.

Finally, a voice for off-roaders!

Happy 2016 and Volunteer Day

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Greetings and Happy New Year to all the dedicated Carnegie users. 2016 will be the year the California OHV Commission finally meets to rule on the Environmental Impact Report and the New Master Plan for the Park. There may be a Commission meeting in February and we will be the first to let you know if Carnegie is on the agenda.

Park Superintendant Randy Caldera has issued a request for rider support at a work day at the park in the Los Osos area. There will be a meeting at MotoMart on Sunday January 10th at 9:00 AM. Riders and workers will proceed to new trail areas and the workers can have a chance to make suggestions about the use of the area affectionately known as Petey’s Playground by many long time riders. See the poster below.

See you all on Sunday!

Dave Duffin, Board Chairman

Carnegie Forever, Inc.

Congressman Presses For Public Access To U.S. Forests

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Check out this article published by The serving Western Nevada County in California entitled McClintock Blasts US Forest Service for “Abusive” “ Predatory” Fees.

Congressman Tom McClintock describes examples of cost recovery fees collected by the US Forest Service which he labels as abusive and predatory. This abuse, brought to his attention by his constituents, portrays an attitude within the service which he said requires immediate correction.

He documents examples of the U.S. Forest Service demanding excessive fees from various organizations running events in the National Forests and then pulling permits when the organizations could not afford the fees. Groups including the California
Endurance Riders Association, the Polka Dot Motorcycle Club (motorcycle clubs) and Gold Country Endurance Group (an equestrian club) were forced to cancel events that they had been holding for decades.

These along with other documented abuses caused Tom McClintock to bring concerns and complaints of arbitrary and capricious conduct to the Forest Service’s attention. “Combined, these actions evince an ideologically driven hostility to the public’s use of the public’s land – and a clear intention to deny the public the responsible and sustainable use of that land.”

He said that if the Forest Service fails to reverse these policies he will use his use his position on the National Parks, Forests and Public Lands subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee to press for hearings into the economic damage their actions have caused.

Finally a powerful ally willing to stand up for public access…

Diana in DirtRider

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Our own Diana Tweedy got a post published in DirtRider. Way to go!

You can read all her post on our site here.

Action Alert: Group’s Study – A Catalyst to Close Down trails – Forest Hills Threatened

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According to a San Francisco Chronicle front page article dated June 23, 2010 entitled “Toxic Trails a legacy of Gold Rush” hiking and biking in the Sierra Nevada can be detrimental to our health.

It describes a study done by a so-called environmental group which the group hopes will be an impetus for the Bureau of Land Management to close down recreation due to toxic contamination caused by gold mining in the distant past. One of the areas highlighted in their study as particularly dangerous was Forest Hills, an off road motorcycle riding area.

Several Sierra trails are toxic, group says

“The thousands of mine shafts that pockmark the Sierra Nevada and testify to California’s Gold Rush riches have also left a legacy of toxic contamination in some of the state’s popular recreation areas, according to a new study.”

“Soil tests on a handful of trails near mine mouths in the foothills have revealed extremely high levels of lead, arsenic and asbestos, said researchers at the Sierra Fund, a small environmental advocacy group.

The naturally occurring minerals were pounded to dust generations ago and carted to the surface, where they are now stirred up and inhaled by hikers, off-roaders, bikers and horseback riders.

While their analysis was limited to 80 samples from 11 trails and recreation spots in the Foresthill, Downieville and Nevada City areas, the group says California’s 47,000 abandoned mines pose significant threats to public safety, particularly in the dry summer months when families flock to the foothills.”

…”The fund is also pushing for warning signs and, in some cases, restricting access to public trails with high levels of hazardous minerals.”

“A federal audit in 2008 charged the Bureau of Land Management, which controls a number of abandoned mining sites in California, Nevada, Arizona and other states, with endangering public health by failing to clean up arsenic, lead and mercury near the shafts or to erect barriers around them…That same year, the agency closed about half of the Clear Creek Management Area, a 31,000-acre off-road vehicle paradise in the hills outside of Hollister, after a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report said waste from the defunct asbestos mining in the area posed a serious risk to those who work, camp, hunt and ride on the property.”

”In the Sierra Fund’s study, researchers reported levels of arsenic, asbestos and lead well above levels deemed safe for human exposure. At the Foresthill Off-Highway Vehicle area near the Marall Chrome Mine pit, science director Carrie Monohan said lead levels were nearly 18 times the state and federal standards, and 40 percent of the soil samples showed asbestos contamination.”

“Because of the diffuse nature of the hazardous minerals in surface soils, they are almost impossible to clean up, according to David Christy, spokesman with the Bureau of Land Management’s Central California division.

’The technology is a challenge,” he said. “The approach to cleaning up mines is steam cleaning them and cementing over them, and that costs a lot of money.’

Under President Obama’s federal stimulus plan, California received about $20 million of the $73 million set aside for cleaning and maintaining abandoned mines nationwide. Some estimates peg the number of abandoned mines in the United States at 500,000 and the amount needed to detoxify them in the billions.”

Read more here.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Sierra Fund is a small environmental advocacy group. That is doublespeak for well a connected organization dedicated to closing out-door recreation. We all know what the Bureau of Land Management did to Clear Creek based on junk science. The Sierra Fund is attempting to prod the Bureau of Land Management to close down other recreational trails in the Sierra Nevada.

Although, predictably, they are attacking off road motorcycle riding areas, they are also attacking hiking, camping, hunting and mountain biking, i.e. families flocking to the foothills (their words, not mine). We are not alone in our fight to maintain access. Downieville and Nevada City are mountain biking Mecca’s. Although I am primarily an off road motorcyclist, I also enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and camping. This is huge. We need to get mountain biking groups involed.

Our nanny state is trying to keep us out of public land for our own good. Don’t believe this. They are not out to protect us, but looking for an excuse to shut us out of our own land. The truth is that our government does not attempt to protect us from drugs made in third world countries and the safety of deep water drilling is left to foreign oil companies like BP. -EXCUSE ME- This is another land grab, pure and simple. See Article in the New York Times entitled “Concern Over Number of Foreign Clinical Trials for Drugs Sold in the U.S.” dated June 22, 2010 and my post in this site entitled “A Fishy Story”.

The Sierra Fund study pinpointed Forest Hills for study which showed lead and asbestos contamination. We have heard this all before. There has been no showing that this so called contamination has ever led to any health problems for families using these areas. Forest Hills is an area dedicated to off road motorcycle use and it is near the Bay Area. We cannot let this happen. They have already shut us out of Clear Creek, and even as access groups are fighting that action, they are seeking to close down other off road riding areas.

Forest Hills is not far from Mammoth Bar in Auburn on the American River. A little history: Our Green Sticker money built and maintained the access road down to Mammoth Bar, an off road motorcycle riding area, which the kayakers used to launch their kayaks. The Kayakers then succeeded in closing down Mammoth Bar to off road vehicle use four days a week, including one day on the weekend. As a member of PITS (Pacific International Trials Society) I am pissed because it means that we can no longer put on trials events there because we need to set the event up the day before. Also the rule that we must always stay on the trails has meant that we can no longer use public land to put on trials events period. Access to the excellent trail system and the sand motocross track at Mammoth Bar has been restricted and these rules have impacted off road use in an area which we have enjoyed for decades.

We cannot let down our guard. Outdoor recreation is under attack. Please discuss this with friends and neighbors. Join access groups like Blue Ribbon which fight for out door recreation on all fronts. Northern California recreation (off road vehicle use and other forms of recreation) has never before been under such relentless attack. These so called environmental groups must be stopped. This is our children’s and grandchildren’s legacy. Please don’t let it be taken away from them.

OHV More Popular Then Fishing!

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This is pretty funny considering CSPA’s (California Sportfishing Protection Alliance) support for the lawsuit against Carnegie SVRA …

Full article svailable at: InsideOutdoor Magazine (Page 29)

Thanks to Chris Gubera for the tip!

Carnegie Freedom Day Rally

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Don Amador’s post about the Rally can be found HERE.

Press coverage from the Carnegie Freedom Day Rally:
KCRA – 12/28/2009
CBS 13 Sacramento – 12/28/2009

The First Petition

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Here is the original petition:

We, the undersigned, are in opposition to a ruling[1] by Judge Frank Roesch of the Alameda County Superior Court on September 22, 2009 to close Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area near Tracy, CA based on a lawsuit filed on September 17 by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA)[2]. The plaintiffs are charging the California Department of Parks and Recreation and its OHMVR (Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation) Division are violating the state’s Water Code and their own regulations by allowing off-road vehicle activities to pollute Corral Hollow Creek at Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation area[3]. We and our families use the park to enjoy, relax and spend quality time together on land set aside for this type of use. Below are our primary objections to this ruling.

1. Carnegie SVRA is the only venue of its kind in Alameda and San Joaquin Counties used year around and its closure to protect a waterway which only runs 3 to 4 months of the year will cause undue hardship to thousands of annual visitors and area residents. To off-road enthusiasts, it’s a site rich with history dating back to the 1960s when it was frequented by Bay Area founders of the sport. Interests of the many need to be protected, in this case, despite the displeasure of the few. This reason alone, in our judgment, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

2. Closure will cause local enthusiasts to have to travel to more distant OHV parks causing harm to neighboring OHV parks from overuse and to the environment at large due to longer travel distances. This consideration is lost on the plaintiffs, negating their concern and attempt at protecting the environment. This reason alone, in our judgment, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

3. Closing the park will financially impact area businesses due to loss of revenues from patrons who visit Carnegie. Alameda County will see a decline in sales tax revenues, which can be devastating in these hard financial times. This reason alone, in our judgment, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

4. Adjacent to Carnegie OHV is the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Site 300, a restricted Department of Energy site used for testing nuclear weapons and chemical explosives. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article dated July 21, 2005 “the site is contaminated with toxics including trichloroethylene, tritium and depleted uranium”[4] and it was classified as a Superfund site by the EPA in 19875, making it among the most severely contaminated areas in the nation. How can any responsible and objective third party definitively conclude the damage to Corral Hollow Creek is caused by patrons of Carnegie and not Site 300? This reason alone, in our judgment, should be sufficient to prevent the closure of Carnegie SVRA.

For these reasons we strongly oppose the closure of Carnegie SVRA and urge you to reverse this ruling.

Sign the Petition HERE

Links to References:
1. Judge Roesch’s Ruling
2. PEER News Release on Lawsuit
3. Plaintiff’s Attorney’s Petition
4. SF Chronicle Article dated Thursday, July 21, 2005