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To Randy Calderas & Staff

Posted by on December 5, 2012 under Updates. This post currently has no responses.

Photos: DeCoster and Oasis Kids, 1970 and 2012

Randy Caldera, Sector Superintendent, Carnegie SVRA

Carnegie SVRA Staff

Greetings Randy and Staff,

I’ve been a Carnegie fan since 1970 when I brought 4 of my elementary school students to attend the Trans-AM (first) race there at the east end of the land. In 1971 (west end) I had to bring a school bus to hold the 50 kids who signed up for the trip. In fact one of them was missing at the end of the race. He ended up in the helicopter that took DeCoster to the Livermore hospital after the World Champ’s horrendous crash.

Over these 42 years I have taken hundreds of young people to Carnegie every year. They have a chance to enjoy friendship, challenges and just plain fun in the park. Growing up requires responsibility and curiosity. Exploring the hills and canyons of Carnegie offers a never ending set of physical tests that give these frequently at-risk kids a great sense of accomplishment. Many of them have had life changing experiences and gone on to become professional icons for the current generation. (i.e.) Jan Sears – one of our 70’s kids who came on Carnegie trips. Later he became a paramedic and worked as a Carnegie Volunteer. I later taught him how to fly (I’m an FAA Flight Instructor) and now he is a CHP Flight  Officer at Napa Co, Airport.

Fast forward, we are now looking forward to a great moment in the park’s history – the opening of the Alameda/Tesla Expansion Project. This dream is getting much closer and our organization (Carnegie Forever, Inc.) is on board with support for you and your staff and the OHV Division. After our positive meeting on Saturday (12.1.2012) the Board of Directors were unanimous that we want to support the staff in any way. In the last few months we have all noticed a much appreciated rapport that is developing between riders and staff. Please share this document with your crew, Twin Cities, and Division.

BTW – we still see our “pal” Roger every year – the photo above is from when we met him at Hangtown 2012 where he gave the gang a tour of the KTM Team in the race pits.

So Randy and Staff let’s do all we can to get the new property through the political and environmental ruts and over the Finish Line so future generations can share our history.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Dave Duffin for Carnegie Forever, Inc. and Oasis for Kids, Inc.

Diana in DirtRider

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Our own Diana Tweedy got a post published in DirtRider. Way to go!

You can read all her post on our site here.

Hangtown National MX Race, Saturday May 22, 2010

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Here is a plug for our sister organizations, AMA District 36 and Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club (DDNMC) which sponsors the annual Hangtown National MX Race. This event has a 43 year history in the area. The skill and professionalism of these competitors sets a high bar for many of the young people coming up in the sport and the racers are also great role models for OHV. With this in mind we ask you to support the event that will take place on Saturday May 22, 2010. During these tough economic times our support is critical. The Dirt Diggers and D36 are supporting Carnegie and it seems only fair that we ALL support them and the many OHV vendors they have at the track. Please use their web address to make plans to go see the best in the world compete in Northern California.

As an example of the support from leadership groups for OHV recreation rights, AMA D36 donated $10,000 to the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the check was presented to the BRC at

OHV More Popular Then Fishing!

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This is pretty funny considering CSPA’s (California Sportfishing Protection Alliance) support for the lawsuit against Carnegie SVRA …

Full article svailable at: InsideOutdoor Magazine (Page 29)

Thanks to Chris Gubera for the tip!

We Have Something to Celebrate!

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For all the details, download this document.

Here’s the conclusion:

“The Palma procedure is appropriate “when petitioner’s entitlement to relief is so obvious that no purpose could reasonably be served by plenary consideration of the issue.” (Ng v. Superior Court (1992) 4 Cal.4th 29, 35; see also Lewis v. Superior Court (1999) 19 Cal.4th 1232, 1236-1237, 1240-1241.) Here, given the existence of the Porter-Cologne Act’s detailed administrative scheme, no purpose would be served by further briefing or oral argument.

Therefore, let a writ of mandate issue directing the Alameda County Superior Court to vacate its order overruling demurrer and granting petition for alternative writ of mandate, filed December 8, 2009, and to enter a new and different order dismissing the petition for failure to exhaust administrative remedies. In light of our determination that the administrative exhaustion requirement was not met, we will not reach the other issues raised by this petition. Upon entry of the superior court’s dismissal order, our December 28, 2009, stay shall be automatically dissolved. Petitioners are entitled to their allowable costs. ”

Put in plain text, the park remains OPEN. We should definitely celebrate this. And then get back to the long term issues. Thanks everybody for your support. It means a lot to us here at CarnegieForever / CORE.

Update: Additional info directly from the court website.

Please Sign the Clear Creek Petition

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via Bruce Brazil, CERA Assistant LAO

As many of you already know, the Clear Creek Management Area has been closed by the BLM as a result of an EPA report. This report does not take into account all of the facts and the end result could mean that Clear Creek Management Area will be closed for public use forever.

Please click below & create your letter to Clear Creek Management Area using predrafted or your comments in just Two Minutes.

In about two minutes (it’s a letter generator, you have no excuse not to do this) you can help stop the continued closure of a vital California recreational area. Make sure you get your comments in by the 3/5/10 deadline and please add some personal comments as well.

Please share this email with your lists and post it on blogs

~Thanks – your friends at

This campaign is supported by Save The Trails, California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA), Timekeepers, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) &, AMA-District 36 Competition Committee


Additional details:

It’s a 2 part letter generator, you fill it out, then it sends you a link to verify your email address. Once the email address is verified the ‘letter’ email goes to 3 people, the Agency, the sender/letter writer, and the Campaign manager. In this case those people are – Rick @ BLM, the sender, and the Campaign manager. When you receive your copy of the letter, either email it or print it out and mail it to your legislature.

Nothing from the Court yet … But still some good news

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We are still in the dark as far as Carnegie news goes so let’s celebrate a few positive things while we’re waiting:

  • The Supercross event tomorrow should be great for us, we have a booth and are starting to get more and more calls/emails from people, organizations and businesses who want to help.
  • We just reached over 1,000 unique visitors to this site and people are coming back.
  • 13,707 people have signed the online petition and we have over 1,000 on paper.
  • The facebook group “Save Carnegie Forever!!!” has over 3,500 members.
  • Diana and Chuck, long time Carnegie and OHV enthusiasts,  have agreed to write for us. If you haven’t read their comments yet, do it now.

CORE – Carnegie Off Road Enthusiasts – at SF Supercross January 30th.

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Greetings to all enthusiasts who will attend the Supercross at AT&T Park (Giants Stadium). We will have a booth set up to reach spectators at the event and get them to sign the Carnegie petition. Come by and say hi to us from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm in the pits – probably near the drawbridge on 3rd Street. Look for the hillclimb bike in the front of the display.

Urgent Nationwide Alert – Immediate Action Necessary

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2010 will definitely be a scary year for us who enjoy riding off the street regardless if you have a 4-wheeled rig, quad, atv, side-by-side, dirt bike, mountainbike or even a horse. Hiking is threatened too in some areas because you will simply not be able to get in there at all (mostly because it’s simply too far to walk).

It’s obviously easier to close then to manage well but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right alternative.

You can find more information at Blue Ribbon Coalition, The Generals Recreation HQ, and many other places.

Please take action according to this alert:


Must Read – Park v Alameda Superior Court

Posted by on January 22, 2010 under Legal. This post currently has 19 responses.

This should be good for Carnegie: DO READ THIS!

If you’re lazy (shame on you, this really is a good read), the main point is the issue of who has jurisdiction over water issues in CA. The waterboard fights back. Got to love that.

“the Court’s Order Interferes With the Water Boards’ Exclusive Discretion”

“the Real Parties in Interest Failed to Exhaust Administrative Remedies”

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