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News from Carnegie

Posted by on September 10, 2010 under Updates. This post currently has 4 responses.

Greetings to all the people who want to support ongoing OHV recreation at Carnegie SVRA. Substantial progress has taken place in the last 9 months after our park was almost closed.

For the previous 10 years a group of Carnegie riders has met with park staff to try to make our ideas part of the park’s future. Some of our efforts were useful but others were unfortunately never implemented or accepted. We originally worked under the name CORE.

We are now pleased to announce that our work for these past months and years will culminate with our application this month (September) for Federal non-profit status as a 501(C) (3) corporation called – Carnegie Forever, Inc. We know that this is the only way to have our views credibly represented at future meetings.

Relative to this new status we will apply to California’s OHV Commission for a major round table discussion about Carnegie this year (hopefully December) in Tracy. We want to discuss many problems at the park and ways to keep environmental organization from trying to close our park. Carnegie was a test case for attacking OHV areas and we are dedicated to keeping the gate closed to these persistent intruders.

Special Request 1
One of our greatest allies over the last 15 years is Don Amador. As the Western States Representative for BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition), he travels to “hot spots” all over the West fighting for our recreation rights. Don came to our rally the day we expected the park to cease operations – now let’s rally to support his work. He keeps us informed of issues all over the state and appears as an expert witness on our behalf. Don NEEDS our financial help right now. Please take a few minutes and make a donation to his work. Access this web page. On the right side of the page is a donation box to direct your gift. Under “contribution instructions” enter “Western Rep. Expenses”. Your support will get some critical financial help to the office of the man we have all come to trust and respect.

Please, do it today!

Special Request 2
Dirt bike season starts in October. The dreaded and totally unfair Red Sticker season also ends at the same time. With perfect symmetry we can celebrate this occasion with an annual reunion of sorts at Carnegie by attending the Horne Family’s California Hillclimb Series Round 3 on October 2nd and 3rd. Round 4 will be on November 6th and 7th.

This series has grown in popularity over the last 20 years and the Carnegie hills have produced many champions in the sport. Also added is a new twist – side-by-side racing called VERTICROSS©. Motocross riders are now entering hillclimbs! Previous events brought 500 riders who compete in classes from 50cc to 1500cc. There will be a pit-bike race Saturday night under the lights.

Special note: Carnegie Forever, Inc will have an information booth at the event.

Join the fun and support the event and the Skip, Lynn and George Horne Family that has put Carnegie on the map. Visit Skip’s Promotions for more info.

Keep the faith. Send us your suggestions and ideas, especially for the OHV Commission Meeting this year. We will keep you informed of the progress of our corporation.

Remember – financial support for Don Amador and Skip’s Hillclimb supports all our efforts as a recreation community.

Thanks for helping us,

Mark Speed, Mark Martinez, Pete Krunich, Dave Duffin and Diana Tweedy

Update for the Supporters of OHV Recreation at Carnegie SVRA

Posted by on August 18, 2010 under Updates. This post currently has 8 responses.

Eight months ago we had a rally at our park to signal the last day of riding before it was due to be closed. We were in the national spotlight with TV news crews attending and articles written in the local and national press. The motives of our protagonists were not based on water quality, soils mitigation, or wildlife preservation. The burning idea in their minds was to close our park and end, by any means possible, family OHV recreation here and eventually at as many other places and State OHV Parks as possible.

After years of experience at closing other riding areas in California they finally found a way to “hack” into Carnegie and release a virus that would destroy our Off Highway vehicle lifestyle here. Our little Carnegie was to become a test case to see if their venom could be replicated at other places in the state and nation. The argument they used before a Judge in Alameda County, stated the water quality was harmed by OHV use in the park. An Appeals Court overruled this first decision and the park has thankfully remained open. The poison however, is still in the system since the Park Staff base many of their land use decisions on possible future lawsuits from these relentless, well funded, and yes selfish environmentalists.

Viewed from a jetliner at 35,000 feet Carnegie is indistinguishable from other geographic features like farms, shopping malls, housing tracts, and the military installation across the road from us. The alleged environmental groups Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) and the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance are currently probing for cracks in the wall that the Appellate Court erected. They won’t give up until this little dot on the map, Carnegie, becomes a hiking and nature area.

We have spent the months between December and August holding riders’ meetings with the intent to develop a substantial riders’ organization to represent the beliefs, aspirations and requirements of the 150 -200,000 OHV recreation enthusiasts who have come to Carnegie for over 40 years.

In the photo above we met in June with Dave Pickett AMA D.36 President and Legal Affairs Officer and Blue Ribbon Western Sates Representative Don Amador. At that meeting we decided to apply to the CA OHV Commission to have a future meeting in Tracy to discuss current issues and re-opening the application for the 4000 acres west of us – The Alameda-Tesla Expansion Project.

Finally we are in the last segment of establishing a Federal non-profit corporation called Carnegie Forever, Inc. The filing will take place in mid-September and we will be pleased to announce the GOOD NEWS this Fall after our corporation is approved. We desperately need this designation to effectively fight for our piece of the pie, our tiny dot on the map. At that time we will respectfully ask for your financial support with a tax deductible donation to fund the future defense fund of Carnegie.

Dave Duffin, Pete Krunich, Mark Speed, Mark Martinez and Diana Tweedy

Meeting in Tracy

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Here is the GOOD NEWS – we are gaining political traction for the motorcycle and 4WD groups at Carnegie.

The meeting at the Tracy Fairfield was a chance to decide on the new name for the non-profit organization – Carnegie Forever (Inc.). Some had to vote via email/phone due to races, graduations, injuries, work, etc.

The AMA D.36 Prez Dave Pickett and Blue Ribbon Coalition area Rep Don Amador heard our positions on the lawsuit, the creek bed designation, Alameda/Tesla Expansion project and rider/staff questions.

The OHV Commissioners could not attend at the last minute but want an update of the meeting.

The goal of the meeting was to alert the OHV leadership groups that Carnegie has a new substantial and professional voice. We will make a presentation to an OHV Commission Meeting in the near future and we will ask that the meeting be held here in Tracy so many more of us can attend.

This was a milestone on our path to our goal of an improved and EXPANDED Carnegie.

Many thanks to all the attendees and especially Dave and Don.

A Friend is Lost at Carnegie

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On Sunday March 28th, Bob Cunningham’s life was taken in a tragic accident. He was taking his young daughter for a brief ride to show her the hills at the park. Unknown to them a quad had been left unattended and in neutral by its owner farther up the hill. The quad began rolling downhill and reached a high speed on the descent. It hit Bob and he was taken away instantly. His daughter was shaken but survived.

Bob attended meetings of CORE and wanted to do all he could to help our park. He also was a youth leader at his Church where he taught bible lessons to young people.

His friend Lefty Freuh sent us news of a Good Friday (April 2nd) burial and service.

If anyone can attend here is the information below. Please attend, pass it on and make a donation to his wife Laura.

Burial:  11:00 am – Lodi Memorial Cemetery, 5750 Pine St, Lodi, CA

Memorial / Meal: 3:00 pm – Vinewood Community Church, 1900 W Vine St. Lodi 95242

A fund has been established at the Church listed below.

Donation: Vinewood Community Church – Bob Cunningham Trust Fund

CORE / CarnegieForever Update

Posted by on March 5, 2010 under Updates. This post currently has 3 responses.

  • Our organization (CORE) is meeting with a blue chip San Francisco law firm to assist us in setting up a non-profit corporation. This will be necessary in the near future to offer tax-exempt donations to our financial supporters and give us status in legal venues.
  • Our Internet staff will continue to prepare an effective strategy to communicate with the 15,000 people who signed our “Save Carnegie” petition.
  • At our meeting on Wednesday March 3, 2010 (graciously sponsored by Tri Valley Moto the KTM dealership in Livermore across from the airport), the first Carnegie Hero Award was awarded. The winner is 10 year old Max H. This young man who came up on the stage at the “Save Carnegie Rally” took the mike and spoke his heart. Max was given a round of applause from the CORE members assembled and received a $100 gift certificate issued at Scott Dunleavy’s  Berkeley Honda-Yamaha.
  • There have been no updates on the lawsuit (now at the Appellate Court in SF) from the OHV Division office in Sacramento as many brace themselves in anticipation of the outcome.
  • The Carnegie California Hillclimb series start on March 20. George Horne indicates the park is the process of approving his layout for the event. The Pro Hillclimb is set for April 10/11. Visit for details.
  • Don Amador of the Blue Ribbon Coalition wants us to help put this information out to all CORE fans:

Carnegie Still Open II

Posted by on February 19, 2010 under Updates. This post currently has 7 responses.

Greetings to all the faithful riders, businesses and supporters of our effort to keep the park open and alive.

The news of the potential closing, and current uncertainty, has had some negative effects on a lot of us and especially MotoMart, the concession store at Carnegie. Tony and Vicky Shipman and their extended family of workers have been our lifeline for riding with all and any service, repairs and supplies. Tony spends many hours on the concrete pad outside the store in all kinds of weather working on every bike that reports to his emergency room.

Pass the word out to all your friends and contacts to come out to the park and stock up on supplies while the dirt bike season continues. I’m going to do my part and buy 8 sets of new knobbies!

Dave Duffin, CORE

Help Needed for Our Neighbors at Clear Creek

Posted by on January 19, 2010 under Events. This post currently has 5 responses.

While we are all fighting for our 1500 acres at Carnegie, our neighbors to the South at Clear Creek are fighting for 70,000 acres. Once again the reason for closing this historic riding, recreation and exploring area is the environmental card. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has closed the area because of asbestos on the property and riders, leadership organizations, 4-WD clubs and gem hunters are fighting back. I will attend the latest hearing (sorry for the last minute update) in Santa Clara. I will speak for the Carnegie regulars and let the folks there know of our support. I’ll wear a bright red USMC ball cap – it would be great if we can spot each other and sit together.

Santa Clara Convention Center – 5001 Great America Parkway – Santa Clara 95054

Times – 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

Also, check out the last two posts at Don’s blog.

- Dave

Flashback and a View of the Future

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Twenty some years ago I was riding at Carnegie solo and saw some people by a bunch of hay bales at the base of some hills near Middle Track. I rode over and leaned my bike on a bale and sat and watched with about 50 people. I had never seen a hillclimb competition live before so it was a real treat to see and hear the big bikes master the hill.

Over the years I came to know the Hillclimb Family – Skip, Lynn, George and Heather Horne. From events with 50 people they now sponsor 4 California Hillclimb Rounds and one National Event every year. Because of their dedicated hard work Carnegie gets: national publicity for free, 15,000 spectators bringing in fees to the park, and goodwill from thousands of riders and their families looking forward to an event that has become a part of their life.

After the suit to close Carnegie was filed, the Park responded with a MASSIVE demarcation program to protect the dry creek bed. One area that was completely fenced was the hillclimb area. I have grave concerns about the future of the hillclimb program if this location becomes off-limits. Carnegie without the hillclimbs is like The Constitution without “We the People”. Also we are loosing our recreation rights because of opinions and feelings of a very small group of anti-OHV people.

Here are two examples:

  1. Clear Creek is closed because of assumptions that asbestos in some areas can be hazardous to riders’ health. Fact – there is no data of excessive health/lung problems from riders who have been there from 1945 on.
  2. Carnegie is under orders to close because a Judge believes data submitted by 2 environmental organizations that the creek in the park is polluted by OHV’s. Fact – The creek is dry for 10 months and any serious pollution (if any) comes from other sources.

There are no winners in this stupid game. The OHV community accepts restrictions and “punishments” based on false assumptions. The environmental community is painted as a bunch of arrogant, elite fools. The legal system is viewed as a hammer instead of a level. The State ends up looking powerless to defend our family recreation rights.

My prayer is that the attack on Carnegie is the beginning of the end of the power of so few over so many.

Dave Duffin

As Things Stand by Dave Duffin – CORE

Posted by on January 13, 2010 under Uncategorized. This post currently has one response.

For the last month various individuals, organizations and members of the business community that are affected by the possible closure of Carnegie have been going through a monumental change that will be remembered as an historic moment in motorcycling. We have all been exposed to the sad reality that a small group of misguided people can TYRANICALLY cause so much damage to our family recreation community. These people have one common link – they truly hate us and they believe our sport and style of family recreation is an abomination on nature.

With backing on the sidelines from the Mark Connolly/ Celeste Garamendi family, two environmental organizations, and one law firm, have managed to find a ploy to end our recreation here. In the process they also developed a way to manipulate the Staff of the OHV Division of the State Parks. Besides the immediate crisis, the real danger is that they have found a way to close other parks and riding areas using false science to hide their real motives. Their success here will be a template for CLOSING other parks and riding areas.

CORE (Carnegie Off Road Enthusiasts) was developed in the mid ‘90’s as park users’ stakeholder group. We began a series of monthly meetings with the park staff to help plan the uses for the proposed Alameda/Tesla addition to the present Carnegie. Sadly no results of any kind resulted from the work we did. There was always a mysterious roadblock that stopped us. We have soldiered on through the years never giving up belief that our good intentions and hard work would prevail.

The current lawsuit against the park is based on the assumption that OHV use has created a major disaster in Corral Hollow Creek. Here are some phrases in the suit:

“Turbid and polluted waters, massive erosion and scaring, deafening roars of myriad OHV’s, hillsides ripped and left exposed, ongoing degradation of CH Creek, shocking views as one drives past, soil and wildlife loss, loss of bird watching and wildlife viewing”, etc.

It sounds like we are really “bad” doesn’t it. I would put one 10 year old OHV boy or girl on a scale to represent the weight of what we do here, versus the claims of the lawsuit. That side of the scale with the kids would be touching the ground while the other side would be up in the air even though it was filled with kit foxes, whip snakes, red legged frogs and milk vetch plants. The growth of Carnegie through the years is a result of families being attracted to a place where their kids can explore, be challenged, make friends and be fulfilled as young members of a family. Malls, gangs, and drugs are realty for them and they don’t have any trouble making a choice that puts them in the park every weekend.
CORE is developing funding/donations, legal standing and functioning as the “boots on the ground” as this battle continues. We get and post updates directly from the OHV division headquarters. We will contact local city governments, Boards of Supervisors, Chambers of Commerce, law enforcement organizations, school districts and youth clubs for support. We will provide updates to print news and TV media. We will defend our home park and enlist the help from our other OHV organizations and Clubs.


Dave Duffin, CORE

Carnegie Off-Road Enthusiasts Meeting

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January 6, 2010, CORE (Carnegie Off-Road Enthusiasts) held a meeting of parties interested in taking a stance against the closure of Carnegie SVRA. The meeting was generously sponsored and hosted at Tri-Valley Moto BMW, Triumph and KTM dealership in Livermore, CA. Some of the items discussed were:

  • legal options by presenting citizens petition to the judges presiding over the case
  • performing independent environmental testing to determine if toxins found are consistent with motor vehicle discharge
  • contacting our elected officials with outrage at this terrible decision
  • expanding and utilizing social networks to build this grass-roots effort

Members of the group attending expressed outrage at this decision and offered accounts of how this decision will affect them personally in large and small ways. Specific activities and efforts are underway to prevent or reverse the appeals court decision expected on Monday January 11, 2010.

CORE Meeting #1

Thanks once again for the overwhelming support here on from people near and far. Please check in here often for any developments.

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