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Carnegie History Made: The Expansion and New Master Plan Approved

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On this day the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve the new Park Master Plan and also the Alameda/Tesla Expansion project.

After numerous administrations and Deputy Directors over the years along with support from Carnegie Forever, Inc. the commission directed by Ted Cabral passed the motions. Now we can say “Job Well Done” to all the staff and riders who patiently gave their attention and efforts to see this project through.

There will be many days of planning ahead and the users will have a chance to work with the park staff to get the new area opened for recreation.

Special thanks must go out to Park Superintendant Randy Caldera. He made a promise to us that he would see this plan through to completion. He did; it worked!

Out appreciation is hereby also expressed to the OHV Division and Commission, the Carnegie Park Staff and all the OHV recreation organizations for supporting us.

Dave Duffin, Pete Krunich, Mark Speed, Diana Tweedy for:
Carnegie Forever, Inc.

Park Staff and Park Users Working Together

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‘Straw Boss” and Carnegie SVRA Superintendant Randy Caldera ran a crew of OHV Leadership groups repairing a section of the park on Sunday January 10, 2016. Straw and seed placed in the area behind the workers in the photo will mix with the abundant rain this year to restore these damaged areas.

The crew was prepared rain or shine for the project and dry mild weather greeted them.

 Carnegie SVRA maintenance personnel transported the straw with trucks and all terrain vehicles.

 AMA District 36 President Jerry Fouts provided lunch and soft drinks for the workers.

 This was yet another example of a successful project using Park Staff and park users working together for a better Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area.

 Thank you from all the people in the photo.

 SPECIAL NOTICE: Carnegie General Plan and Expansion Project to be voted on finally at an OHV Commission Meeting at the Tracy City Hall on Friday February 5thstarting at 8:30 AM. After 15 years of dedicated effort from the State and the Carnegie users the plan will put in front of the Commission for approval. We hope a huge number of Carnegie supporters will attend. Our adversaries will surely try to pack the room with their opposition; come early to get a seat! See the info below:

 Dave Duffin

Carnegie Forever, Inc.

Carnegie Visitor Appreciation Day – October 23, 2011

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Like the ancient Phoenix rising out of the ashes, Carnegie State Off-Highway Vehicle Park, whose very existence was threatened by a lawsuit in December 2009, has re-invented itself. It is now a leaner, greener and more sustainable off-road riding area.

This OHV recreation area has met and exceeded environmental challenges for the last 50 years. Along the way these tests brought together a coalition of visitors, long time park enthusiasts, and park employees. Also joining in was the leadership coalition of the American Motorcyclist Association, the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the AMA District 36. The dark days of 2009 also spawned Carnegie Forever, a formal (501) organization whose membership now exceeds 13.000 subscribers.

The first order of business at the opening ceremony, was to thank all of those who have worked so hard to do whatever necessary to push back the lawsuit and keep Carnegie open. Thanks went out to the CA OHV administrators, the Carnegie Rangers on the ground explaining over and over why changes had to be made and met and, finally, to the visitors who had to re-evaluate and change their riding styles slightly to conserve their precious local riding area.

So the idea of the Appreciation Day seemed like its time had come. Joe Ramos, our Carnegie Superintendent, led the charge with his enthusiasm. The Horne Family – Skip, Lynn and George graciously donated their Hillclimb facility. Tony and Vicki Shipman at Moto-Mart then stepped up to start the ball rolling. And roll it did. Joe Ramos, true to the State’s new mantra of a partnership
between the Public and Private sectors , reached out to the folks who have been putting on this type of events for years. The AMA and AMA District 36 worked hand-in-hand with Joe and Carnegie Forever to organize vendors, exhibits and demonstrations. The turnout was nothing short of incredible; the entire floor of the Hill Climb area was filled with 25 cycle vendor displays, spectators, visitors and families!

The atmosphere was reminiscent of an Old Time County Fair, except the rides were FREE! The vendors provided stickers, brochures and swag. AMA District 36 provided free sound testing and muffler packing if needed. Four-wheel clubs were in abundance to celebrate the opening of their new driving area. The State brought some cool displays of the kinds of critters that share and play (mostly at night) in our 1500 acres.

Finally, the best part of the day came after the very impressive 1000cc hillclimb demonstration when the Zero Electric Motorcycle Company (they gave demo rides all day) was gracious enough to allow 4 of Carnegie’s top riders to try the electric bike on the hillclimb. Pete and Petey Krunich (past Widowmaker Hillclimb champs), Kacy Martinez (X Games, WORCS and AMA 2009 Woman Athlete) and Joe Shipman (NAHA hillclimber) assembled to attack the infamous 400 foot Carnegie hillside on an electric motorcycle. The crowd was digging it, not really believing these “sewing machines on steroids” were really up to the task. They should have known better! Pete blasted (albeit quietly) up the hill the very first time, followed by the always smiling Kacy. The Zero sales representative was as surprised as the crowd. Pete was heard to say “I got’a have one of these in my garage!” followed by “that thing did a baby wheelie all the way up the hill”! Pretty amazing finish to a totally amazing day.

The bottom line is that this event was a perfect example of what can and MUST be done to support continued growth at Carnegie, and our other CA OHV Parks. Administrators, rangers, and maintenance personnel came together with the off-road community, represented by clubs, vendors, dealers, volunteers and associations. They put aside their own points of view and personal preferences. They all worked cooperatively for a common outcome, which turned out to be something bigger than the sum of
its parts, – plus it was a heck of a lot of fun!!

I know I’ll see you all and others at the 2nd Annual Carnegie Appreciation Day next year!

Jerry Fouts
AMA Congress
District 36 Board of Directors

The Water That Closed Carnegie Creek

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On Tuesday March 15, Mark Martinez and Dave Duffin, Directors at Carnegie Forever took water samples from the creek that runs through our OHV park. We are going to get the samples tested from a lab to determine if the water samples taken by the group that sued the State Park OHV Division are accurate.

We will have test results in the future and will publish the information.

The Belle of the Ball

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Carnegie Forever members Diana Tweedy and Dave Duffin attended an “EmergencyMeeting” of the CA OHV Commission on Monday morning March 14 in Sacramento.The commission wanted to publicly present the news that the State Budget Committeeswant to take $10-20 million dollars from the OHV Trust Fund. This amount is on top ofthe $120 million that has already been borrowed over the last 3 years.

Tweedy and Duffin addressed the Commission stating the need to keep these fundswhere they are because the OHV Division of the State Park system is user funded. Otherspeakers represented the entire OHV community including the AMA, BRC, CarnegieForever, cycle dealers, state park vendors, National Forest service, 4 WD clubs, etc.

The Commission moved to draft a letter stating the need to leaving these funds wherethey are because of the public trust that collected them as opposed to public taxes.

Many speakers presented a voice of overwhelming support and were well received.Perhaps the person who received the best response from the Commission and theaudience was 12 year old Brooke Murphy of San Jose, who captured the hearts ofeveryone at the Ballroom of the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento. She is pictured afterthe meeting with Commission members and AMA leadership members. Her contributionto this mess – a $1million dollar smile and the importance of protecting kids OHV rights.

Guarding the Gate at Carnegie State Park

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The next time you visit Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area gaze upwards to the hi-tension wires and towers running through the park. There you will notice two separate nests on the towers in the center of the park for families of Red TailHawks. Can we suppose that these magnificent raptors have NO problem with our riding, noise and dare I say exhaust? The park also comes alive at night withbobcats, coyotes, deer, elk and other critters that prosper here. Another species thrives here too – OHV recreation families!

(Photo by Dave Duffin, March 16, 2011 at 12:30 PM)

13 Lucky Carnegie Kids Invited to Oakland SX

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The Supercross series came to the Oakland Coliseum for the first time in 27 years and the organizers donated tickets to Oasis for Kids, Inc. which regularly takes youngsters to the Carnegie State OHV Park. The crew had a chance to meet many of the stars of the international racing series including (pictured) Mike Alessi of the KTM USA Team. They also met Roger DeCoster the KTM Team manager. DeCoster, a former 6-time World Champ from Belgium, met the kids for 20 minutes in the middle of a hectic day of preparation for the races that night. The Carnegie Crew also had reserved seats and watched the riders from all over the US and the world in a the events all night. These world class riders are superb role models since they have to train every week to be able to meet the demands of this rigorous OHVsport.

Water Over the Dam?

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The rainy season of Northern California has been very good to the Sierra Mountains, but the coast and valleys are just about normal. The creek that runs through Carnegie State Park has however been virtually dry. This same 30-day waterway was the focus of a lawsuit that almost closed our park last year. As you recall the creek was supposed to be carrying soil and chemical contaminants into the Delta of the San Joachim Valley.

One of our Carnegie Forever Board Members, Mark Martinez has enlisted the help of an independent water analysis company that will do an independent appraisal of the creek water quality entering and leaving Carnegie. We were ready to proceed with this collection procedure except for one simple fact – there is no water in the creek!

Endangered Species at Carnegie

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Six reasons for the importance of Carnegie Forever – Trevon, Christian, Nolan, Taylor, Nick and Jake. Photo taken on January 1, 2011.

This is the era of the Endangered Species. We have been told to raise our awareness and consider the importance of life and its symbiotic relationships.

Sometimes portions of our world get neglected in this shift of consciousness. For instance the six young men in the photo above were able to enjoy a day in nature, fresh air, and bonding with new friends. Some of their peers were possibly hanging out at the mall,
involved with drugs, sitting in front of a gaming device or bored out of their minds. The lucky kids in the photo are members of a non profit group that takes them on riding adventures to Carnegie State Park.

The reason they are endangered is because some people, for their own reasons, would prefer that this type of recreation does not exist for anyone let along theses youngsters. Their bedrock issue is that this type of activity destroys the environment. In some ways
they could be correct, but then again everything humanity does, uses land for some activity. The space for a hospital, a school, or a highway uses the environment for beneficial reasons even though it technically destroys the soils and ecosystems under it.

Our little park of about 1000 acres provides a benefit for 180,000 people of all ages, especially the young men and women that get a chance to come to our park for a day of recreation. Their entire day is not spent riding around but also, meeting new friends,
helping take care of the vehicles and also doing projects with the park staff. The park is managed and groomed every week and areas that need renovation are taken out of the inventory. There is a reasonable balance between fun and resource management at Carnegie.

So here are two questions:

  1. Will the kids hanging at the mall or the kids in the above photo have the better memories of their childhood?
  2. Will our organization, Carnegie Forever, never cease making sure our park stays open and provides an environment for ALL endangered species, especially the HUMANS, to flourish and prosper?

Carnegie Forever Meets with Park Officials

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December 8, 2010, Carnegie SVRA. Members of the Carnegie Forever Board of Directors met with OHV staff to review a series of developments at the park. The ongoing meetings are a way to continue presenting the views of the users to the managers. The group included Joe Ramos Carnegie Sector Superintendent, Jerry Fouts an AMA Congressman and Ole and Sherry Stortruen who represent 4WD groups. Coming to observe the meeting was Kane Silverberg one of the California OHV Commissioners. We invited him to take a ride in the park, but the weather was too wet. The on-going developments of the Alameda/Tesla Expansion Project were a key item of discussion at the round table, informal meeting held outdoors at MotoMart, our vendor store at Carnegie. Also submitted was the need to meet more frequently. Our organization hopes to have a meeting of the OHV Commission in 2011 in Tracy. In the future we will also publish minutes of our meetings so people can keep up with our activities.

Christmas Greetings to all of the subscribers to our website.

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