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Trees Planted, SB249, Oasis Van

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         Putting Down Roots at Carnegie SVRA on Saturday March 4, 2017

After weeks of torrential rains, the sun finally came out and greeted over 100 volunteers from the OHV community who responded to a call from Superintendent Randy Caldera to help plant 600 trees in the canyon creek bed. Reps from AMA D.36, Carnegie Forever, CORVA, Red Neck Roosters, among others worked with park staff getting the saplings in the ground. Many young helpers now will be able to see these trees grow as they themselves do. Dave Pickett, our AMA Legal Affairs Officer, put trees in while AMA D36 President Jerry Fouts grilled hot dogs to fuel the workers.

               Plan in Sacramento to Destroy the OHV Program in CA

While the new trees started growing at Carnegie, a new plan is growing in the CA Legislature to stunt the OHV Division and its Commission. Dave Pickett our Legal Affairs Officer at AMA D36, dropped news of a legislative bomb ready to go off. A document, labeled Senate Bill 249, is being advanced in Sacramento that will lead to the destruction of our SVRA park system.

It was prompted, among other things, by the recent CA OHV Commission’s unanimous approval of the Carnegie/Tesla Expansion Project and new Master Plan. This vote by the Commission is a call to action for the opposition to make this type of approval process virtually impossible in the future.

Stipulations in SB 249 include:

  1. Having only 2 “OHV friendly” commissioners of the 9-member board
  2. Transferring funds generated by OHV Trust Fund into the General fund
  3. There would be no requirement to repay these transfers
  4. Establish a “science team” to advise the OHV Division
  5. Prohibit expansions until the plans are approved by the “science team”

This bill will be the most serious assault on our time tested, user paid, $20B generating California OHV “Gold Standard”.

Start the letter/email campaign to:

Senator Bob Hertzberg, Chairman, Natural Resources/Water Committee

State Capitol, Room 4038  – Sacramento, CA 95814


             A Request From a 47 Year-Old Non-Profit Called Oasis for Kids, Inc.

This organization needs a new van since the one in use is at 300K miles and needs a lot of maintenance. Here is a photo of the original kids at the Carnegie Cycle Park in 1970 ten years before the land was purchased by the State. They had a chance to meet the reigning MX World Champ Roger DeCoster.

There is a Go Fund Me site established to help get a new van. Perhaps you, our supporters, can help personally and also by sending the funding page to friends. On the funding site, you will see a story and especially a video from “The Man” himself Roger DeCoster urging you to support the campaign. Here is the page, and be sure to click on “updates” for the video from Roger.

We will have updates on the SB-249 hearings and developments.

Thank you for your attention and help,

Dave Duffin, for Carnegie Forever Board Members Diana Tweedy, Pete Krunich and Mark Speed