Carnegie History Made: The Expansion and New Master Plan Approved

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On this day the California Off Highway Motor Vehicle Commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to approve the new Park Master Plan and also the Alameda/Tesla Expansion project.

After numerous administrations and Deputy Directors over the years along with support from Carnegie Forever, Inc. the commission directed by Ted Cabral passed the motions. Now we can say “Job Well Done” to all the staff and riders who patiently gave their attention and efforts to see this project through.

There will be many days of planning ahead and the users will have a chance to work with the park staff to get the new area opened for recreation.

Special thanks must go out to Park Superintendant Randy Caldera. He made a promise to us that he would see this plan through to completion. He did; it worked!

Out appreciation is hereby also expressed to the OHV Division and Commission, the Carnegie Park Staff and all the OHV recreation organizations for supporting us.

Dave Duffin, Pete Krunich, Mark Speed, Diana Tweedy for:
Carnegie Forever, Inc.

2 Responses to “Carnegie History Made: The Expansion and New Master Plan Approved”

  1. Matt McGuinness says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all who have contributed to the effort to expand Carnegie. Most of us who use the park will never be able to thank you personally, but please know that we truly appreciate what you have done for us!

  2. Ray Delgado says:

    It’s great to see some positive results after filling out surveys, and writing emails to government offices. We aren’t riding on the expansion property yet, so we must remain vigilant. Thank You Dave Duffin, Diana Mead, Don Amador, and to all those that contributing to the cause.

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