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Let’s make an effort to show our appreciation to the hard working Carnegie Staff who provide security and improvements to our park.

When we show up, the crew at the gate greet us and the facilities have been cleaned and prepped in the early hours before we arrive. In the event of a need for medical attention we know a crew of Rangers will be on the scene in minutes with ability to treat injuries and if need be get an injured rider the proper care.

 Always take the time to give a wave to the Rangers and maintenance crews as they drive around the park taking care of the toilets, trash and roads. Introduce yourselves to them and give a handshake for a job well done.

The friendliness and cheerfulness of the staff has improved markedly over the past few years and it is much appreciated by users who almost LOST Carnegie 4 years ago.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Carnegie Forever Board of Directors: Diana Tweedy, Mark Speed, Mark Martinez, Pete Krunich, Dave Duffin




  1. A very happy and blessed Holiday to all in C4E and especially Dave Duffin! Thanks to all of you for your support and dedication. Many folks ask me why I continue to stay on at Carnegie??? (when I have 35 years with parks and could right my ticket to anywhere) The answer is very simple… Carnegie has the greatest staff and greatest visitors. My first ride at Carnegie was in 1974-75 I guess you could sum it up this way… “Carnegie is in my blood”
    To everyone who visits Carnegie SVRA please stop in and say hello.

    Best regards,
    Randy Caldera
    Park Superintendent

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