Endangered Species at Carnegie

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Six reasons for the importance of Carnegie Forever – Trevon, Christian, Nolan, Taylor, Nick and Jake. Photo taken on January 1, 2011.

This is the era of the Endangered Species. We have been told to raise our awareness and consider the importance of life and its symbiotic relationships.

Sometimes portions of our world get neglected in this shift of consciousness. For instance the six young men in the photo above were able to enjoy a day in nature, fresh air, and bonding with new friends. Some of their peers were possibly hanging out at the mall,
involved with drugs, sitting in front of a gaming device or bored out of their minds. The lucky kids in the photo are members of a non profit group that takes them on riding adventures to Carnegie State Park.

The reason they are endangered is because some people, for their own reasons, would prefer that this type of recreation does not exist for anyone let along theses youngsters. Their bedrock issue is that this type of activity destroys the environment. In some ways
they could be correct, but then again everything humanity does, uses land for some activity. The space for a hospital, a school, or a highway uses the environment for beneficial reasons even though it technically destroys the soils and ecosystems under it.

Our little park of about 1000 acres provides a benefit for 180,000 people of all ages, especially the young men and women that get a chance to come to our park for a day of recreation. Their entire day is not spent riding around but also, meeting new friends,
helping take care of the vehicles and also doing projects with the park staff. The park is managed and groomed every week and areas that need renovation are taken out of the inventory. There is a reasonable balance between fun and resource management at Carnegie.

So here are two questions:

  1. Will the kids hanging at the mall or the kids in the above photo have the better memories of their childhood?
  2. Will our organization, Carnegie Forever, never cease making sure our park stays open and provides an environment for ALL endangered species, especially the HUMANS, to flourish and prosper?

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  1. Diana says:

    Nice photograph Dave… Those smiling faces are what our park is all about. But for all the talk about off road riding destroying the environment, I have been riding at Carnegie for over thirty years and I have never seen road kill inside the park. I have seen wild pigs, deer, rabbits, snakes, foxes, hawks and other forms of wildlife. These creatures were all spotted roaming the park in their natural state. After leaving the Carnegie and driving home I have seen road kill on almost every occasion.
    Yesterday while trail riding I spotted a deer who lifted its head to watch me ride by and then resumed eating when he realized that I posed no danger. In contrast to that delightful experience, on the drive home that day I saw a dead possum and then later a dead squirrel lying beside the road, both victims of speeding vehicles.
    It is also noteworthy that wildlife is much safer within the confines of our park than on our neighbor’s land where elk and wild pig are hunted for profit.

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