Northern CA Native This Year’s National Trials Champion

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Cody Webb who grew up in Watsonville, California wrapped up his first AMA, NATC National Trials Championship with one event remaining by winning round 9 at Donner Ski Ranch in Nevada. Although this represents Cody’s first national trails championship few doubt that it will be his last.

Cody has been riding motorcycles since he was about three or four years old. With his father Kip as his coach and minder he progressed quickly. Kip Web, a top trials rider in the 80’s and 90’s, was known as “The Animal” due to his aggressive riding style (before taking up trials he was a motocross racer). Kip imparted his technique and desire to his son and Cody’s career took off at an early age. Before graduating from high school he had already gone to Europe to compete against the world’s best riders.

In 2002 at 14 years old, Cody won the AMA High School National Trials Championship. In 2003 he earned the AMA Expert National Trials Championship in his rookie year. In 2007 and 2008 he won the AMA Indoor National Trials Championship. At this point in his career Cody has represented the United States at the Trials des Nations seven times.

In addition to trials, Cody competes in EnduroCross. This year he won 4th place at an AMA EnduroCross in Guthrie Oklahoma and qualified for every main event that he raced.

During the last four seasons Cody captured second place Pro in the AMA National Trials Competition. Finally this year he ascended to top dog in the national trials scene and became the first “native” Californian to win the national title since Bernie Schreiber did so in 1987. Bernie Schreiber went on to win the World Trails Championship in 1989. Is a world championship on Cody’s to do list?

At Donner Ski Ranch, Cody swept both days, beating the three-time National Trials Champion Patrick Smage by 26 points on Saturday and 38 points on Sunday. Coming from Northern California, Cody has plenty of experience with the huge granite walls at Donner.

Cody credited switching to a new team and a new bike (GasGas USA) for this season as the catalyst for his recent success.

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On a more personal note; I have known Cody’s father Kip since the early 80’s through the late 90’s, during a time when my husband and I competed in local trials events. I remember Cody riding on the tank of Kip’s motorcycle before he was barely able to walk. I also recall an incident when Cody and his friends urged my grandson to ride his tricycle down a steep and scary hill. They were a year or two older than my foolhardy grandson and were riding BMX bikes. They didn’t realize the danger of riding a fixed wheel trike at a high rate of speed. Thank god we caught my grandson in the nick of time and stopped him before he followed the others in what for him would have been a wild ride. Who did he think he was – Travis Pastrana?

At any rate, Cody has graduated from riding his BMX bike down steep, scary hills and my grandson… well that is a story for another time.

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