Debbie Evans, SoCal, Featured in AMA Magazine

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Some of you will remember the guy in Bruce Brown’s On Any Sunday who did the seemingly endless wheelie. The camera panned him as he disappeared down the road and then focused on a perplexed onlooker shaking his head. That was her father doing the wheelie. Then on Any Sunday 2 she does the balancing act that made her famous. She rides her motorcycle to a stop, kills the engine and proceeds to do a head stand on the seat balancing the motorcycle the entire time. She then comes down from the headstand, starts the motorcycle and wheelies off.

I remember Debbie in the late seventies, when I first got involved in motorcycles. She and her husband, Lane Levitt, a National Trials Champion, would come up for some of our events in Northern California. They were both very friendly and not at all stuck up.

Debbie rode in the men’s expert class and had a reputation for being a fearless rider. At that time there was a woman’s class, but the sections were too easy and so I started out in the sportsman’s class. I certainly was no Debbie Evans, but being a serious rider, I wanted to challenge myself.

We both rode the same motorcycle, a Yamaha TY-175. It was light and maneuverable. That worked out well for Debbie because she finished 4th in the 175 class in the Scottish Six Day Trial, an awesome accomplishment.

Today she is a stunt rider in Hollywood. To learn more about this amazing woman go the AMA Magazine. Debbie Evans was inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame in 2003.

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