Can’t We Just Get Along?

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Karen Schambach’s organization the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation in conjunction with the Center for Biological Diversity is behind a new petition for wit of mandate to stop a Green-Sticker funded trail near her home in Georgetown.

They are suing the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation along with Eldorado National Forest and The United States Forest Service to shut down the Rock Creek Development Project. They allege that 8.9 miles of new trail is a major expansion of off road vehicle use, thereby requiring an Environmental Impact Report. The project includes three new bridges and a rest room near the Rubicon. She is asking the judge to block the construction of the new trail until an EIR is approved. Think the Alameda/Tesla property.

To read the as yet unfilled writ of mandate see here.

6 Responses to “Can’t We Just Get Along?”

  1. Diana Tweedy says:

    As you can see the “wicked witch of the west”, Karen Schambach, is busy with her bag of dirty tricks. She is using the same law firm that was used to file suit against Carnegie. They know a cash cow when they see one.

    As Don Amador noted in his blog: “The suit complains about new bridges being installed to keep OHVs out of the water crossings, new trail construction, and new toilets being installed where people camp. That’s right… complain about dirt bikes crossing the creek and sanitation and then when the FS/OHMVR works to address those concerns… sue them!

    Again, the suit fails to acknowledge those details as well as the fact that OHV recreation has been an “authorized” and approved use of the area via the Forest Plan and the Rock Creek EIS.”

    Of course the suit alleges that numerous endangered species are being threatened, as are ecosystems, blah, blah, blah… Basically our wheels will crush poor little defenseless creatures and destroy her experience in the back woods as a sensitive lover of nature (as if she has nowhere else to go hiking other than our 8.9 miles of trail).

    This is another effort to bankrupt our Green-Sticker fund and help herself and her buddies to our monies. She is filing her action in the Alameda Superior Court, where she is counting on getting her favorite Judge, Frank Roesch, who ordered the closure of Carnegie before his decision was overturned by the Appellate Court. She also chose Alameda because it is miles away from the Eldorado National Forest, thereby avoiding arousing the ire of local residents.

    She is a sad, pathetic human being who has nothing better to do than attack a sport that she hates because it intrudes on her holier than thou sensibilities. This new attack has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with her seething hatred of motorcycles, ATVs and four wheelers. The idea of people actually having fun and spending time with their families sends her into a tizzy.

  2. Diana Tweedy says:

    I was reacting with anger in my last comment. I apologize to Karen and her friends if I offended them, which I probably did. I am sorry and take back everything I said about Karen. It was unprofessional of me to express myself that way. My comments certainly weren’t appropriate or a good way to start a dialogue. I understand that Karen thinks that fighting off road recreation is saving the environment. We just disagree. That is all.
    My family, friends and I have been riding motorcycles at Carnegie for over thirty years. When CSPA and PEER were almost successful in shutting it down I got angry. I am still a little steamed. That is all. Sorry.

  3. Gerry says:

    Please take your apology back. The OHV community is making every attempt to do good. We are honest, tax paying citizen. This isn’t about the frog, its about people getting their way without any compromise. Its very sad! Shame on these people like Karen. I scanned the report. Its about the SF Bay Area and pesticides not Georgetown. I beleive there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the OHV community could ever do to make these people happy except outlawing OHV..period. Shame, shame, shame on Karen. I beleive in karma and Karen will get hers.

  4. Jason Discher says:
    The above article gives a little of the back story of Karen. Not that I agree with anything she’s doing, but, I am impressed with what she’s done as a single pissed off person, if that makes sense. That being said, to quote Gerry, “its about people getting their way without any compromise.”. Kinda sums up the fight we’re up against. Not sure what kind of compromise would of worked with this women. I mean, according to the story, she had just bought the property and was 6 months into developing it when she noticed that there were OHV trails in the area that were being used? Well hellooooo, sounds to me like that’s her bad. It’s like moving next to a baseball park and complaining about the lights and noisy crowds. She should have issues with the Realtor for nondisclosure if anyone.
    Diana, I feel your anger, but I am glad you apologized. I didn’t want to say anything before you did, but it did come across as a personal attack, and your anger really showed. I’m just as guilty as you when it comes to doing this. I’ve reread some of my comments on Americas great outdoors site and wished I had stepped back before I committed that anger to a post. Only because I can’t see it doing anything to help our cause, not because it wasn’t heartfelt.

  5. Gerry says:

    Have you ever heard the saying “nice guys finish last?” I beleive this to be true in the battle that exists between the reasonable (OHV’ers) and the unreasonable, do what ever it takes, twist laws, bend, tweak, win at all cost, environmentalist. Our Country is based on freedoms. Everyone’s freedoms. Everything that exists will have some impact on someone else’s interest. Its about balance, acceptance, give and take. This woman and many others like her are not interested in balance or anyone’s interests that dont match her’s/there’s. Nice guys finish last. Mean girls get what they want at any or everyone’s expense. :-(

  6. Diana Tweedy says:

    Maybe rather than being traumatized and humiliated, she is proud of being a polarizing figure and laughing at us while reveling in her success. See Dirt Rider Magazine: Carnegie OHV State Park Freedom Day. “There is a difference between environmentalists such as I was as a kid, and the pseudo-environmentalists who hate our sport and will do anything to shut us down.”

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