Disclose Means Stifle: Sierra Club not Special Interest; What other interests are exempt?

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Debra Saunders writing in the San Francisco Chronicle today reports that the U.S. House of Representatives last week passed HR5175 which is said to fill in the gaps created by the recent Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling that lifted political advertising by labor and corporations. They say House just wants special interests to disclose their funding of independent political campaigns. The new law bans campaign expenditures that do more than $10 million dollars with the Federal Government.

There is only one problem with this law. Washington is using this law to decide which groups get to speak out on the issues. The new law has numerous exceptions written into it. Unions, the NRA and large special interests like the Sierra Club are exempted from the law’s disclosure provisions. “It is an anti-special interest law that exempts powerful special interests.” Besides the Sierra Club, what other special interests are exempted? Just wondering… As we have seen before Washington pays more attention to special interests that provide them with lavish campaign contributions than to the voices of local residents who are affected by their laws.

If the Sierra Club and other so called environmental lobbies are so popular, why do they feel that they should not be subject to the same disclosure laws as everyone else? Just wondering…

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