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via Bruce Brazil, CERA Assistant LAO

As many of you already know, the Clear Creek Management Area has been closed by the BLM as a result of an EPA report. This report does not take into account all of the facts and the end result could mean that Clear Creek Management Area will be closed for public use forever.

Please click below & create your letter to Clear Creek Management Area using predrafted or your comments in just Two Minutes.

In about two minutes (it’s a letter generator, you have no excuse not to do this) you can help stop the continued closure of a vital California recreational area. Make sure you get your comments in by the 3/5/10 deadline and please add some personal comments as well.

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This campaign is supported by Save The Trails, California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA), Timekeepers, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) &, AMA-District 36 Competition Committee


Additional details:

It’s a 2 part letter generator, you fill it out, then it sends you a link to verify your email address. Once the email address is verified the ‘letter’ email goes to 3 people, the Agency, the sender/letter writer, and the Campaign manager. In this case those people are – Rick @ BLM, the sender, and the Campaign manager. When you receive your copy of the letter, either email it or print it out and mail it to your legislature.

2 Responses to “Please Sign the Clear Creek Petition”

  1. Diana Tweedy says:

    The presence of naturally occurring asbestos at Clear Creek is a rationalization for closing another one of our cherished riding areas, just like failing to provide a waste discharge report is a rationalization for closing Carnegie. It does not make any sense, either rationally or legally.

    Clear Creek is being closed, they say due to the danger of exposure to asbestos. The authorities’ rationalization is based on studies done in the workplace where asbestos is taken out of its natural setting and used in insulation for housing and wiring, etc. At Clear Creek natural asbestos fibers are trapped in serpentine rock, a metamorphic rock baked hard in the bowels of the earth. This form of asbestos does not get into the air we breath. It is trapped in hard rock. Their scare tactics are based on asbestos used in the workplace, which when airborne became lodged in the workers’ lungs. Sometimes after years working with the stuff, workers come down with asbestosis, the lung disease that was the subject of all the asbestos litigation.

    Again, hysteria regarding asbestos is the reason that they shut down Clear Creek, not legitimate science. The real agenda is to close all areas used by off road motorized vehicles.

    Areas like Clear Creek are precious to those who ride there. If you haven’t gotten around to these sites yet check these out. A big thanks to Jason and Don Amador.

  2. Gunnar says:

    Another interesting thing (of many) in that report is their ride time / speed estimate. They must have hired enduro world champions since they claimed 120 miles per day at an average speed of 20 mph. That’s 6hours! The only days I’ve ridden even close to that much on trails my hands (and other unmentionable parts) were literally bleeding. Adding that members of the OHV community witnessed the test being performed during the driest part of the year, going back and forth on the same roads, this is a laughable study. The estimated exposure is way off if you consider a realistic scenario of lower speed, less dry conditions, less riding time, not going back and forth on main roads, etc. And with the actual type of asbestos not being the dangerous version this becomes even crazier. I simply find it hard to interpret this any other way then BLM not wanting to keep the park open.

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